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About Kim

Goud Grand Prix The Hague

Kim was born in 1991 in the north of the Netherlands and was seven years old when her parents read an article in which was written that judo was good for children with ADHD. And so it didn’t took long before Kim stepped for the first time on the tatami of Chi-Do Roden. The physical strength of her father, who has a saw-mill, hasn't skipped a generation and partly because of her physical strength Kim was able to win a lot of the regional tournaments. In 2006 she quickly developed herself and became a member of the national team of the Netherlands when, on the advice of trainer Wubbo Zuidland, she started to train at Judo Groningen. Thanks to John van der Meer Kim learned more techniques and besides winning fights because of her physical strength, she also started to win fights because of her technique. In 2007 she made the connection to the European top of her age-category with winning silver at both the European Championships (-17 years) as at the European Youth Olympic Festival. It was 2008 when Kim changed to the judo club Kenamju in Haarlem. With coach Zeger van Oirschot she became in 2010 European and World Junior Champion (-20 years) and she even won as a junior a couple of senior World Cups.


In 2013 Kim moved to Budokan Rotterdam. With Marjolein van Unen as her coach Kim became one of the best judoka’s of the world in her weight category under 70 kilograms. Two years later she decided to move back to Kenamju where Maarten Arens became her personal coach and trainer. With him as coach she became for the third time European Champion and she continued being the World Ranking Leader.

In 2016 Kim was the big favourite to win the Olympic gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. However, Kim got defeated by the later Olympic Champion and because she got defeated in the second round she had no right to fight in the repechage. And so her debut at the Olympic Games turned out in a huge disappointment. After the Olympic Games Kim took the time to graduate from university (she now has the title Bachelor of Education as a teacher at elementary school) and to recover from injuries. Besides this she emigrated to Italy where she is now living together with her boyfriend, the Italian judoka Andrea Regis. During the year Kim is frequently in the Netherlands in preparation for the title tournaments. When Kim is not in the Netherlands or with the Dutch selection abroad, she trains at Accademia Torino which is nearby her hometown San Mauro Torinese. 


In the fall of 2017 Kim made a successful comeback after one year of absence. She made clear that she was completely back by winning multiple tournaments and by becoming for the fourth time European Champion in April 2018. Unfortunately she was discovered shortly after the European Championships to have a hernia for which she got successful operated. Now she still needs to have a bit of patience, but early 2019 she will make her return at the competition area and then she can continue with doing what she does best: winning tournaments!

The coaching team of Kim
Maarten Arens

Headcoach NTC Papendal


Since May 2015 Maarten Arens is the personal coach of Kim. Also now that Kim is living in Italy, Maarten stays her coach. Under the supervision of Maarten Kim trains in Italy.

Arnold Brons

Sport doctor


From the moment Kim entered into the national team Arnold Brons is the doctor of Kim. Via Arnold his network it is possible that Kim can quickly turn to specialists in the Netherlands, like professor G. Kerkhoffs of the AMC in Amsterdam. 

Cynthia Bos

Physiotherapist NTC Papendal

Cynthia and Kim know each other since Cynthia started to work as a physiotherapist for the Dutch Judo Federation. Five years ago she also became the personal physiotherapist of Kim and she still is. When Kim is injured Cynthia is the one who has the supervision about her revalidation program.

Italian coaching team
Accademia Torino

Judoclub in Turin


When Kim trains in Italy, she trains at Accademia Torino. Her trainers at Accademia are Alessandro and Francesco Bruyere of Fiamme Azzurre. They have on regular base contact with Maarten Arens.

Fitness Area Ferrero

Fitness Area 


On regular base you can find Kim in the Fitness Area Ferrero in San Mauro Torinese. This fitness area is located around the corner of Kim her house.

Daniele Morfino



At the moments Kim is in Italy, Daniele Morfino is her phisio. She goes in the first place to Daniele to prevent herself of getting injured, but when it is necessary Kim also goes to him for her revalidation.

Former trainers of Kim
Chi-Do Roden and Judo Groningen

1998 - 2008


Kim started her judocarreer at Chi-Do Roden. Until Kim was fifteen years old she trained with a lot of pleasure at this judoclub. One of her trainers at Chi-Do was Wubbo Zuidland. Wubbo had seen from the moment he became the trainer of Kim her talent and predicted a big future. It was Wubbo who told Kim to move to Judo Groningen where she made with John van der Meer the next steps in her judocarreer. 

Zeger van Oirschot

2008 - 2013


Zeger van Oirschot has been a very important coach for Kim and he still is. Zeger is the coach who set the base for Kim as a judoka and due to Zeger Kim grew out to one of the best judoka's of the World. 

Marjolein van Unen

2013 - 2015


When Marjolein van Unen became the coach of Kim, Kim became in no time the World Ranking Leader. With Marjolein as coach Kim became two times European Champion and she won bronze at the World Championships.  

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